Kiwi Networking is an Internet service provider (ISP) & Networking solution.


Kiwi Networking is an Internet service provider (ISP) & Networking solution. The Services include high speed Internet Access and Networking services. . Kiwi Networking is company incorporated in the year of 2017, is registered in Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan with license#(38195) as well as powered by UA Telecom to provide internet services across Afghanistan. Our revolutionary method of service delivery and innovative packaging have set new market standard. Through intensive research of technologies and our combined efforts to bring more convenience and satisfaction high speed Broadband internet access and networks Solutions for small, medium and large corporations/ institutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer stable, reliable and high speed, wireless broadband Internet connection to compete with DSL or cable offerings, and high quality Networks solutions with a reasonable price. Customer’s satisfaction is the big achievement to our company.

Our Key Customers:

  • Azizi Bank(Kabul&Urozgan-Afghanistan)
  • Kandahar Airport Field( Kandahar-Afghanistan)
  • Kunduz Airport( Kunduz-Afghanistan)
  • KAIA( Kabul-Afghanistan)
  • Bakhtar Bank(Kabul&Urozgan-Afghanistan)

+93 (0) 792992626

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Our Features



There are many reasons you would be impressed to chose us.

Providing internet services and IT solutions through a quality and stable network systems that attain the high standard of system security

FLEXIBILITY  Developing various services and solutions that are flexible, can be customized to suit business needs and operations with no limitations, and can answer to every corporate customers' need.


DEDICATION   Devoting to provide quality after-sale services, consultations and quick problem-solving by a team of experts that are available 24 hours a day.